Antra Tech Rides

The primary focus of imparting technical knowledge is that it makes the students skilled and technically fit for the industries which in turn can help them self-establish their companies, if focused for the same. It imparts the knowledge powerfully from the basic level to modern technologies for the budding technical geeks. The education which provides specific practical knowledge of technologies and skills is known as technical education. Technical knowledge promotes liberation and self-learning attitude, which tunes the student effectively and enhance their potential. The technical education is not solely about studying, appearing examinations and getting a high salaried job but it imparts a technical debate to captivate today’s generation. During these times, when unemployment is getting common, technical skilling is the key to assure a job or source of income in terms of technical freelancing, entrepreneurship and it can provide easy living. With this backend vision Antrepreneur: The Business Incubator, organized the trail of technical sessions on different speeding technologies, ranging from Cloud computing, Python, IoT and many more, with the collaboration of technical experts of various domains.