Antracon 2.0

ANTRACON 2.0 is facilitated to promote Angel Funding for startups. Antrapreneur The Business Incubator run by LJ Knowledge Foundation, one the promising Nodal Institute of Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat. Adhering to the rules of an NI, we have been doing small scale funding events at regular intervals. ANTRACON 2.0 will be conducted at a larger scale for elevating the Angel Funding game. The speed dating session went long for 70-80 mins. Every nano second seemed precious for both the stakeholders (investor-startup). The session ballroom reminded us of the old school stock market but the one with discipline. With 115 investors/HNIs and 18 startups, the view and feel was magnificent.    The Investors were requested to fill in a ‘Preference Sheet’ which helped us analyse and interpret the majority investors’ interests. This interpretation helped us to shortlist 5 startups for a general (one to many) pitch.