“If you ask any entrepreneur about the most challenging thing about launching a startup, the commonly heard answer is funding. And if you are new as a startup, not many investors have heard about you, that becomes an even tougher game. At that point if you believe that your startup is going to be the next best thing, you will need to show it all with numbers on your pitch deck and balance sheet just to convince one investor to believe in you, and write that cheque to give you the funds you will need to make your startup get going. It’s for this reason why most startup founders choose to participate in pitch competitions. In these events, the winner receives a cash prize or an initial investment that they can use towards scaling their startup. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because even if you lose the pitch, joining a startup pitch competition offers a lot of benefits and perks for you and your startup or even other businesses if one may have Pitch your startup to multiple investors, Build strategic partnerships, Valuable market exposure, Receive expert feedback. For serving this need in the entrepreneurship lifecycle, Antrapreneur has come up with ANTRAPITCH, a pure fundraising event. In the event which took place on 22nd October, startups from Mumbai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad pitched their new businesses for funding and investors from Indian startup ecosystem went through their pitching presentation. Four Angel Syndicates and 3 ecosystem players like Indian Angel Network, Ah! Ventures, Chatur Ideas, Lead Angels, TiE Ahmedabad, Headstart etc were collaborators in this impactful pitching event. Startups in the area of Fintech , health tech, food tech , logistic based, Biotech and aggregators of mfg units etc pitched in the event. All the startups are revenue generating startups and team members of each startup are industry experienced employees/professionals. It was a well planned and pleasingly organized event that went on with 4 hours of pitching and investors have shown their keen interest in investment. 50 plus registrations were received and 10 suitable startups were selected for pitching. All the startups who had come down for pitching were facilitated with a travel allowance for ease of participation.”