LJ Innovation Village

“Innovation and creativity are two words heard frequently in today’s education system. How can we encourage innovation and creativity in ourselves and our students? To answer this question LJ has been organizing LJ Innovation Village, since 2013. Acting as a driving force in building the backbone of the innovation ecosystem, LJ Innovation Village is a platform to showcase innovative projects, products and start-ups by innovators from all over the country. It provides an opportunity to innovators to interact with students, faculties, industry experts and potential seed investors. The additions and deletions during this process ignite a creative instinct in the innovator. An innovative ecosystem is the outcome of risk takers and entrepreneurial thinkers. Though innovation has been defined differently by coveted noble laureates, we believe that an idea must be replicable and economically scalable. Innovation is a process, which evolves around the life cycle of a product/ service, from ideation phase to commercialization for addressing a need of the society. In 2020 edition of LJIV, for the very first time a section named Brain-o-vation was introduced which rapidly increased the foot falls at the exhibition. Brain-o-vation included various interesting topics of discussion as well as interactive activities. It happened to be most lively zones with one of its kind fin learn lessons. Upholding a vision to nurture the skills of aspiring youth and budding entrepreneurs so far more than 1500 projects have been showcased by over 6000 students of Degree/Diploma Engineering, Pharmacy, Applied Sciences, Architecture and MCA. In 2020, we successfully completed the 8th edition of LJ Innovation Village encouraging peer learning and inducing a constructive competition with real-time reviews and experiences.”