Rapid Pitching Series

“The projects are filtered after rigorous brainstorming with different industrial and business experts, the filtered projects are asked to prepare a pitch deck. A template of pitch deck is provided to them for ease of discussions and understanding; this is to be presented on the day of pitching. The pitching sessions are panelled by experts from various technical and business backgrounds. Financial support for prototype development is channelized under two schemes based on project potential. Projects which are market ready and need funds for market realisation, they are directly incubated for further development and market assistance. Here we support them under the department of Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat. Projects having a prototype for display shall be subjected to New Gen IEDC for further development of the product/service with specific mentoring. Projects having potential but require less amount of funding are given assistance under student startup innovation policy (Govt. Of Gujarat) for further development. Thus, we provide them with the channels of funds to shape their ideas into product/service.”