Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme

“Antrapreneur invited applications for the Women entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP), 2015. This programme was organized by Antrapreneur The Business Incubator, which was a 15 day workshop. In an effort to encourage, empower and educate potential women entrepreneurs to create their own business enterprise, as well as enable women entrepreneurs to grow their existing Enterprises, Entrepreneur The Business Incubator, conducted a Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) for Women Entrepreneurs at the LJK campus. It provided a platform to young women entrepreneurs with practical business education, business advising and networking. Through the program, participants gained practical skills in topics such as planning, negotiation, marketing, and employee management that can immediately be put into action. The program had sessions covering all areas of practical relevance to entrepreneurs including Entrepreneurial Orientation, Business Planning, Economic Environment, Business Economics, Industry Analysis, Business Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Services Marketing, Product Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Costing, Working Capital Management, Pricing Finance, Banking, Budgeting, Managing People, Law, Taxation, Communication, Negotiation and Networking. It was supplemented with site visits and interaction with successful women entrepreneurs and a panel discussion on entrepreneurship. This program was specifically designed for current and aspiring women entrepreneurs and focused on enabling them to identify viable business opportunities and develop a feasible and sustainable plan for their proposed or existing enterprises.”