Maati Baani began its journey about 3 years ago, to unearth raw musical talent from the streets of the world by incorporating the sound of different cultures to one song! How did the idea come about?

Nirali: Yeah, Maati Baani set on its journey 3 years ago, simply to explore how beautifully classical music can be blended with the diverse tunes of various musical instruments around the world. Because there was no limitation of how a song should sound like, we set ourselves free to experiment with different genres in music.

It is very rare to have fans that enjoy Hindustani Classical; you’ve managed to lure fans belonging to different generations to enjoy the same. How do you respond to the fan love, that’s so diverse?

Nirali: It is very sad that we collectively as the youth of this country aren’t exposed to the classical music genre of our own land. Hindustani Classical is such an endless form of music, every student of this art has the ability to create unique music. I consider myself extremely lucky to have parents who encouraged me to learn classical music while I was young. I found an amazing Guru, Shri Vikas Parikh who made learning classical immensely engaging. And this fascination reflects in our merger of classical and world music for Maati Baani. The blend of diverse elements makes it enjoyable to a wide range of audience who haven’t been exposed to these forms of music.

However, there is a lot of thought that goes into achieving this perfect recipe; Kartik is the chef for Maati Baani who brings different ingredients together to prepare a yummy fusion dish!

And, we love the feedback we receive from our diverse set of fans, and we respond to this by making more music that would reach out to an even more diverse set of audience.