Interonic Communications Private Limited

  Zipstore Startup document

Name of innovative project: Zipstore.

Name of the company: Interonic Communications Private Limited.

Name of the innovators: Jainik Shah and Kunal Udani.

Brief about the idea:

Zipstore is an infrastructure of commerce from where things are produced to where the things are consumed. Zipstore generates immense growth Opportunities for the stakeholders of $600 billion retail industry of India by minimizing the demand-supply gap and providing reliable and actionable data.

Zipstore offers various products and services as listed below.

Zipstore user mobile app (B2C):

With increase in internet and mobile penetration, consumers are now shopping at various marketplaces and e-commerce platforms but when it comes to offline shopping, consumers still follow the old and tedious method of visiting stores one after another and discover those stores’ products.

Zipstore user mobile application is a B2C omnichannel platform that connects consumers and brick & mortar retailers by providing real time store inventory to the consumers. With Zipstore user mobile app,

consumers can discover the best products, discounts and new arrivals available at the local stores according to the selected category and selected area of the city. They can make a purchase and return the

product, both from store or by home delivery. With Zipstore, the brick & mortar retailers will have a virtual 24*7 existence of their stores and it’s products which will help them increase their store footfall, customer base and revenue.

ZS Business. Mobile and web apps (B2B):

ZS Business is a platform which connects retailers with the distributors, manufacturers and brands where they can conduct trade and other business related activities.

Zipstore data and analytics:

Zipstore user mobile app(B2C) tracks user behaviour based on their age, gender and shopping preferences and generates the qualitative data to predict the current and future market trends, demand forecasting, consumption patterns and store footfall . Retailers, distributors, manufacturers and brands can access this algorithmic qualitative data via ZS Business platform(B2B) which will help them in increasing the profitability and productivity of the business as well as in need based user catering.

Other services and support:

Zipstore provides product photography, editing, product uploading and hyperlocal logistics support.