The Family Member (Fiduciary)

The Family Member is a novice concept to help the senior citizens of our society. Start-up Based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat; is successfully creating and delivering happiness to the senior citizens by creating an elder friendly environment. Effectively implementing its mission as being a social revolution in creating elder friendly environment in the country.

As the name suggests, we are like a family member in the most needed phase of the life of the seniors. In this era of hectic life, families are so clutched in the work that it is hard to find time for the basic needs of the elders. We fill this void created in this fast pace era. We, The Family Member, are present in the moment of their joy, grief, loneliness etc. Our unique service includes taking them to the temple, giving them a helping hand in evening walk, if a family is going on vacation we will be available as a family member to serve them, feed them etc. The Family Member not only render services but also makes effort in spreading awareness among senior citizens. We spread awareness on diet, cyber security, nutrition requirements, stress awareness etc.

The elders require special attention in medical service. We provide them homely care by providing them well qualified nurses and attendants at an affordable cost. We promote Skill development program initiated by the Government of India by hiring trained nurses and attendants from the affiliated institutes. 

Our mission is to create an exclusive environment for seniors and elders in our society so they can enjoy their life in positive manner, fulfil their hobbies & likings and take care for their health & wealth.By providing world class elder care services at doorstep, the family member also ensure that the children and other relatives will be rest assured about the well-being of their loved ones.