Waste Engage Private Limited

The USP : To be a one stop solution for management, treatment & disposal of solid waste generated on daily bases by households & industries, but by promoting decentralization. Thus, waste is not getting mixed up & helps organized & unorganized recyclers to reuse & recycle dry waste & PREVENTS MIXED WASTE  FROM REACHING LANDFILL SITES. Offering end to end solutions rather than just keeping streets & surroundings clean & making a significant dent for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan through education, awareness & offering tailor made products & services.

Expertise in the field for last few years: I have prevented tonnes of waste from reaching landfill sites &  helped in reducing the carbon footprint of companies significantly. I am playing a key role in contributing to the Mahatma Gandhi Swachta Abhiyaan through workshops, training & campaigns for school kids, teachers & community awareness on handling & treating waste at the generation point, itself.   I treat food, garden & paper waste scientifically.  Organic compost as well as vermicompost  is the end product after process is completed. This is done at a micro level ( ie. Households) & macro level ( institutional level & industries). We offer products & services in the form of Consultancy & Training for becoming Zero Waste Campuses. This is how it is helpful for anybody to adopt & adapt to waste management practices.

Products for commercialization: Home composting Pots, Car dustbins, Dust bins for segregating waste , shredder/chopper for cutting kitchen waste & waste handling tools.

Raw materials, machinery, components needed for product development: Plastic bins & bags, cement, bonding material, green net, moulds, different coloured paints, stickers, packaging material, labels, paper, printing, bacterial biocuture, steel, earthworms, weighing machine, sealing machine, vermi compost, cloth, thread,  sewing machine, sewing device for composting, space, vermi beds, , water, electricity, handling tools.

Benefits to Society: This model offers a permanent solution to  waste disposal problems, prevents waste from reaching landfill sites/ dump sites, reduces carbon foot print &  brings a shift in our mind set for waste as a raw material for making quality organic fertilizer.

The techniques are product & process centric ( ie. Effective Micro-organism  technology & vermi technology) &  are done at the client’s premises. So it is easily applicable for any industry, farm house, temples, societies, golf course, hotel/resort, food processing units or any industry who is under the constant scanner of the pollution control board for its waste management practices.

Employment generation: It will generate employment for semi-skilled & unskilled work force in different cities in the area of Operations & Maintenance, Marketing & Sales. It will start with a team of 10 and will grow to 500 in a short span of time. Once it expands operations, the scope is that of having Pan India Presence of over 10,000, in the Middle & Grass root level staff/employees.

Economical feasibility/viability: Having both B2 C & B2B medium of sales & revenue generation makes it an economically viable model.

Ecommerce for sales: Using Groupon, Amazon, Flipcart, Grofers etc. & cross marketing platforms, Nurseries, Shopping marts will help in awareness & final sale of products & apparatus needed for waste management